Gala Peter  - Feinherbe Alpen-Schokolade (Deutschland)
Lanvin - Cointreau (Frankreich)
Edeka - Vollmilch-Nuss (Deutschland)
Velma -
Novesia (Deutschland)
20341 Nestle Schauverpackung
20331 Sprengel Schauverpackung
20171 Schauverpackung
20356 Tobler Schauverpackung
20335 Alpia Schauverpackung
3005 Eszet Schauverpackung
20352 Kohler Schauverpackung
3006 Sarotti Schauverpackung
3457 Cailler Schauverpackung
2968 Mandolindt Schauverpackung
12975 Frey Schokoladenpapier
6981 Dank Schokoladenpapier
10217 Meybona Schokoladenpapier
2883 Danke Hussel Schokoladenpapier
13063 Dank Schokoladenpapier
18401 Pfister Schokoladenpapier
19752 Meybona Schokoladenpapier
18542 Danke Schokoladenpapier

Note of Thanks

The chocolate wrappers, which are now part of this collection, have come there in many different ways, from attics, from holidays, by swapping, as gifts, by purchase or as residue of my own chocolate consumption. The list is certainly not exhaustive and indeed can't be. In the past three decades of collecting, many people have been involved in making this collection such a rich reflection of our everyday culture. In the first place, of course, it was and is my family, who early recognized that this hobby will be a long-lasting one. In the meantime, assistance from my family has become indispensable in the logistics for exhibitions, correspondence with other collectors and above all in the care and maintenance of the chocolate wrappers. A big thank you goes especially to my mom. Except within the family circle, it has been friends, acquaintances, colleagues and many more, and of course all the other collectors: Birgit, Elena, Jan, Martin, Mateusz, Milos, Roman and others, but also coincidence was always there. However, I would like to thank especially Stanislav Kramsky. He had been the one, who has been bringing collectors together for decades and still is. An exhibition poster in Leipzig at that time brought him to my attention. Since then we are in regular exchange for more than 10 years. Last but not least, I would also like to mention Olga, without her the exchange with the largest country in the world would be far more difficult given the current political conditions. At the same time, I will not forget to say thank you to all those who have made it possible through exhibitions to show my chocolate wrappers to a wider audience: Thank you Andrea Durry. This website I would like to be understood as thank you to all of you and those who may appear in the future. Thank you, thank you!

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