Gala Peter  - Feinherbe Alpen-Schokolade (Deutschland)
Lanvin - Cointreau (Frankreich)
Edeka - Vollmilch-Nuss (Deutschland)
Velma -
Novesia (Deutschland)
20341 Nestle Schauverpackung
20331 Sprengel Schauverpackung
20171 Schauverpackung
20356 Tobler Schauverpackung
20335 Alpia Schauverpackung
3005 Eszet Schauverpackung
20352 Kohler Schauverpackung
3006 Sarotti Schauverpackung
3457 Cailler Schauverpackung
2968 Mandolindt Schauverpackung
Sven Schokoladenpapier

For everyone who has committed themselves to collecting, especially the collecting of chocolate wrappers, is exactly right here. You are looking for contact with like-minded people, you want to expand your collection or start to build up a collection, you want to exchange chocolate packagings, you are looking for a specific wrapper? Find here regularly packagings for exchange and links to other collectors.

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Links to other collectors

Links to other collectors

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