20122 Schauverpackung Gala Peter
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Schokoladentafel Frey Sven Museum Buchs

I am offering:

  • exhibitions,
  • talks, quiz and extraordinary events
  • awareness-raising seminars (such as organic and fairtrade seals),
  • publications around chocolate wrapper,
  • chocolate wrappers on loan for museums and temporary exhibitions,
  • exchange and/or purchase of chocolate wrappers/collections.

I am looking for:

  • always new chocolate wrapper,
  • literature about chocolate brands and producers,
  • chocolate producers with interest in their own history
  • and maybe you!

I have caught your interest? Please just contact me!

20150312_Urkunde Register Rekorde Ukraine Englisch
Guinness Buch der Rekorde Urkunde
Eintrag Guinnessbuch 1998
20122 Schauverpackung Gala Peter
20425 Edeka Schauverpackung
20335 Alpia Schauverpackung
2968 Mandolindt Schauverpackung

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