Gala Peter  - Feinherbe Alpen-Schokolade (Deutschland)
Lanvin - Cointreau (Frankreich)
Edeka - Vollmilch-Nuss (Deutschland)
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Novesia (Deutschland)
20341 Nestle Schauverpackung
20331 Sprengel Schauverpackung
20171 Schauverpackung
20356 Tobler Schauverpackung
20335 Alpia Schauverpackung
3005 Eszet Schauverpackung
20352 Kohler Schauverpackung
3006 Sarotti Schauverpackung
3457 Cailler Schauverpackung
2968 Mandolindt Schauverpackung

Open Library Days - Fairy Tales on Chocolate Packagings

Fairy Tales on chocolate wrappers in occasion of the open library days (#offenebibliothek) and the Berlin #Märchentage

Last Sunday opened the exhibition: Fairy Tales on chocolate wrappers during the Open Library Days in Germany. Presented are more than 60 wrappers with motifs from brothers Grimm, One Thousand and one night and Alexander Pushkin. Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White inviting you to step in the Library of Uebigau. The special exhibition accompanies the 32. Berlin Fairy Tale Days 2021. You can visit the fairy tale heroes till 21st of December. Step by and maybe you will get hungry to read and discover wellknown fairy tales anew. Click here to see the opening hours of the library. 

Veröffentlicht in Ausstellung am 25.10.2021 20:32 Uhr.

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