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Squirrels love not only hazelnuts

Cherry stones or hazelnut kernels?

Let's talk about hazelnut chocolate wrapper today. Packagings with hazelnut filling, taste or simple whole nuts are often in green color. Maybe because the hazel bush has a lush green foliage. But not only we eat and love hazelnuts products. A popular animal associated with hazelnut chocolate are of course squirrels. You can find them used by different brands as illustration for hazelnut taste. A obvious reason is that squirrels admire nuts of different types, the same as we do. But another reason for that is "The Tale of Tsar Slatan" based on the eponymous tale by the great Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin. In the tale a squirrel sits in a tree and cracks nuts. The nuts have golden shells and the kernels are made of diamonds. Sometimes the hazelnuts on the packagings are really golden too! Nowadays it seems to be that squirrels are widening their eating habits. In the botanical garden of Sheffield of main interest for the squirrel are the blossoming cherry trees, even if there are no cherries with stones yet. Maybe soon cherry chocolate products will also use squirrels as brand ambassador.
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